A Perfect Week For Weight loss

A Perfect Week For Weight loss

A lot of diet fads have come and gone since people started aiming to live a healthier lifestyle. The Guardian discussed some of the most popular diets out there, but how can you tell which one is most effective? It all boils down to how well you know yourself, but one thing is for sure, an effective diet is a good balance between healthy eating and regular exercise.

With so much information out there it can be hard to know what to follow. Reach for Nutrition has healthy eating plans you can follow, which are focused on helping you make appetising and guilt-free food.

For those looking for a simple 5-day plan, here's one you can try:


Start your day with a delicious breakfast of two scrambled eggs and a slice of wholemeal toast. Coach Mag also suggests you have a morning snack of one apple and six almonds. For lunch, you can have baked salmon and mixed leaves with oil or vinegar dressing. For dinner, a tasty skinless chicken meal with tomato sauce and brown rice, is the perfect way to round off the day.


On your second day, start with some oatmeal topped with fresh fruit. Add a dollop of kefir, tablespoon of ground flaxseed, teaspoon of cinnamon and some honey. Your morning snack can include two sticks of celery with two tablespoons of humus for an extra protein boost. For lunch, munch on small baked sweet potatoes with feta cheese, and for dinner shrimp stir-fry with sugar snap peas and bok choi. You can saute it in garlic, ginger, soy sauce, and chilli.


Start your day with a healthy dose of antioxidants by making yourself a glass of big red smoothie. Blend half a medium-sized carrot, half a medium-sized beetroot, 25 grams of seedless red grapes, 1/4 pink grapefruit, half a tablespoon of milled mixed seeds like flaxseed, sunflower, and pumpkin seeds, add 50ml of kefir, and a teaspoon of runny honey. Blend it until smooth and add water to thin. You can chill it for 30 minutes or drink it as is. Cosmopolitan suggests you drink cleansing juices daily as it can be a great way to get your vitamins and minerals. Apart from the big red smoothie, you can also try making a healthy green one made with kiwis, green grapes, spinach, and watercress.


It is always good to treat yourself now and again. French toast for breakfast, made with one slice of wholemeal bread, one egg, a tablespoon of almond milk, and a pinch of cinnamon. You can serve it with a side of berries. For lunch, make a healthy wrap with a whole-wheat tortilla, fresh avocados, skinless chicken breast, and a teaspoon of oil or vinegar dressing. For dinner a serving of baked skinless cod fillet with steamed veggies like spinach or carrots.


Beans on toast is a fun and tasty way to end the week. Make sure your beans are the low-sugar kind and that you serve them on whole wheat bread. For lunch, you can eat one can of tuna in spring water, one boiled egg, and salad leaves. You can indulge a bit at dinner with some sauteed tiger prawn kebabs on quinoa.

Living a healthy lifestyle isn't just about eating well. Here on Reach for Nutrition we believe eating healthy and exercising are really effective ways to look and feel younger, reduce stress, and be more positive.

Working out doesn't have to be boring, either. Biking, for example, is not only a great way to burn calories and tone leg muscles, but it's also fun, economical, and environmentally friendly. If you live close to work, why not bike to and from work every day? You get your daily dose of exercise and you avoid traffic, too. Bikes are also easy to maintain. You don't have to worry about petrol/diesel or parking. All you need is a good quality bike, some reliable tools, and if you don't have a garage, a sturdy bike shed. The vast array of bike sheds on Screwfix are made from metal, which is the best material to keep the bikes protected against the unpredictable British weather and safely secured at night. They will also ensure your bikes don't rush, meaning they will last for much longer. Apart from biking, running and walking are also great ways to shed pounds.

Once you set your mind on a realistic goal, there's really nothing to it. It is hard to change any habit, but by following the above meal plan or taking one of our weight loss programmes, you will be on the way to a healthier you.