DNA Weight Loss

DNA Diet

Although environmental factors are important, there is considerable evidence that genes have a significant role in the pathogenesis of obesity. In other words, genes hold the gun, but the environment pulls the trigger!

Do you have to work extra hard to shift even the smallest amount of weight, when your friends just breeze through life eating exactly what they want?

Want to know why?

Well you can find out through your make-up of your bodies genes. Yes, there is such a gene as 'the fat gene'!

DNA diet helps optimise diet and exercise interventions in order to treat and prevent obesity. Results provide personal diet, exercise, and lifestyle strategies for patient and practitioner.

What it tests

13 genes that mark for individual disposition to:

  • - Diet
  • - Energy adaptation
  • - Weight gain
  • - Exercise
  • - Circadian rhythm
  • - Weight loss training

Who is it for?

DNA diet is intended for people with weight loss or weight management issues. However, the healthy-weighted individual can likewise benefit from the nutritive profile and dietary recommendations to prevent any weight gain in the future.

Price £156.00 plus £95 consultant fee to chat about the results (if required).

New - Add a full months tailored diet sheet with exciting and delicious recipes, ingredients list and full macro and micro-nutrients if desired for just £150 extra. This will be tailored specifically to your gene results.

Jayne Hopper - Tel - 077660149321 or email enquiries@reachfornutrition.co.uk