14 Day Detox - NutriClean Program

Nutri advanced Nutriclean programme offers a 14 day approach to address a vast array of health issues using the right supplements and targeted food plan.

It is advocated that the therapeutic detox can help cleanse the body, increase vitamin and mineral absorption, reduce symptoms of toxicity, clear the skin and aid weight loss while improving cellular health and mitochondrial function.

What is involved?

The programme uses a specific supplement regime and low allergenic food plan. Prior to the programme commencing you will receive the required five supplements and an information pack that are needed to carry out the program.

Information pack contents

  • - An 'allowed foods' foods list.
  • - Suggested recipes.
  • - Menu planners.
  • - Work Book. This is so you can track your progress. Please hand this in to me at the end of the program.
  • - Supplement regime.
  • - Shopping list.
  • - List of FAQ's.

In addition you will also receive a pre-recorded webinar which will discuss the program, how it is carried out and what is to be expected over the 14 days. The programme is divided up into sections. On days 1 to 6 and days 10 to 14, you consume three meals and two snacks (1 to include a serving of Ultra Clear plus pH). Days 7 to 9 are liquid only days were you consume three servings of ultra clear plus pH and two juices/soups.

Measuring your success

Prior to the beginning of the programme you will take a few simple measurements including weight, height, BMI and waist to hip ratio. This will be taken again at the end. A medical symptoms questionnaire (MSQ) will also be filled in at these times. A toxin exposure questionnaire should be filled in prior to the beginning of the program. You will be invited to make notes on changes you have noticed or how you are generally feeling as the programme progresses.

How much does it cost?

The retail price is £139.87 and this includes the pre-recorded webinar, information pack and all supplements. Please note if you're in the Republic of Ireland at the retail price is €170.62. There will be an additional charge of €15 for postage and packing.

Jayne Hopper - Tel - 077660149321 or email enquiries@reachfornutrition.co.uk

Example Menu Ideas:

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