Why I'm grateful for grapefruit

I take grapefruit seed oil every day without fail. I love this amazing oil that was originally named 'the forbidden fruit' from Barbados. It was first documented in 1750 by Reverend Griffith Hughes describing specimens from Barbados. It is added to many commonly products such as throat spray is, nasal sprays, eardrops, mouthwashes, toothpaste, shower gels, where and disinfectant spray is and other personal care products, due to its antimicrobial activities and ability to kill unwanted bacteria.

There are many Benefits;

1. Kills antibiotic resistant UTI's.
2. Remedies fungal infections.
3. Relieves athletes foot and nail fungus.
4. Treats digestive disturbances associated with eczema.
5. Fights Candida.
6. Works as a general antimicrobial. Whilst travelling, I always wash out any hotel glasses or cups with one drop of grapefruit seed oil to kill any bugs. If anybody doesn't know, the cups and glasses in most hotels are just wiped around with the same cloth.

Grapefruit seed or oil can be used in;

1. Laundry. Kill fungi and bacteria by adding 10 to 15 drops to the final rinse.
2. Carpet cleaners. To kill pathogenic organisms.
3. Sterilising and disinfecting operating rooms.
4. In nebulisers. Add one drop to 1 ounce of saline water for control of respiratory infections.
5. In humidifiers. Add 3 to 4 drops per gallon of water to prevent algae growth.
6. As a better preservative. This has been proven to be better than most chemical preservative currently on the market.
7. Disinfecting surfaces. Mix with water in a spray bottle and spray your cutting boards and other kitchen equipment for disinfection, as well as bathroom surfaces.
8. In hot tubs and swimming pools. Grapefruit seed oil is added to lessen the need for high levels of chlorine.
9. Farming. Farmers use the extract in animal feed and water to reduce the incidence of infectious diseases.

All you need is 10 to 12 drops in a glass of water to be drunk first thing in the morning. It has a very bitter taste so this is not for the faint hearted. However I haven't had candida or a UTI since taking it, and I used to suffer terribly.

Do not take this if you are taking any other medication, especially blood thinners, or are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, or breastfeeding, or have any other health problems such as high blood pressure.