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Hair Loss Remedies

Most of us tend to associate balding and thinning hair with men and yet many women experience thinning hair, too.

There are a number of causes for hair loss, such as hormonal changes at menopause or after childbirth, but for the majority of women with hair problems, stress is probably the most likely culprit.

Stress robs us of major nutrients that are essential for healthy hair growth. When a person is very stressed the scalp becomes tight, which restricts circulation and the hair follicles become malnourished resulting in further hair loss. Have you taken my stress test?

Adrenal exhaustion, an under-active thyroid, and certain prescription drugs are also factors in hair loss.

Hereditary factors cannot be ignored. However, dietary supplements and regular daily firm scalp massage can help slow down hair loss.

Hair loss in women is common after childbirth and the menopause, and a lack of protein can trigger thinning hair or even cause it to fallout.

I will asses your quality protein intake with a possibility of introducing supplements to boost your nutritional state.

Hair loss may also be linked to heavy metal toxicity, therefore laboratory testing may be required.

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