Proof we are being poisoned by Monsanto

Monsanto are the agricultural giant that have been ordered to pay one man $289 million because it has been proven that their product, Roundup, gave him multiple cancers. This is the first person in front of a further queue of 800 people (that we know of) so far, waiting to sue them for giving them cancer.

Roundup is a carcinogenic weed killer that is absorbed into our fruit and vegetables. When tested on mice and rats, it induced DNA and chromosomal damage. Roundup ready crops are genetically modified to withstand glyphosate sprayings that would normally kill a crop. Glyphosate is a systemic herbicide, meaning it's naturally absorbed in the plant, including the parts we eat. It's also a crop desiccant. That means its used to burn down crops like non-organic wheat, oats, barley and beans just before harvest. Therefore it's not just GMO crops at a risk of containing harmful levels of Roundup chemicals. 94% of soybeans and 90% of corn growing in the United States account for Roundup ready crops. However, If you think your safe because you don't eat soya beans or corn, these genetically modified foods are used to make most of the processed and packaged foods that you find in your supermarket today, such as crisps, cereals, snack foods, sweets and canned soups. If you're not vegetarian, you don't get away lightly either, as most of the cattle that we eat in the UK are fed and subsidised by USA GMO crops also.

So what can you do to avoid GMO foods?
1. Go organic.
2. Buy local. Ask your local farmer what pesticides they use, or what they feed their cattle on. Not all farmers can afford to buy the 'organic' status label, but many are, so just ask.
3. Avoid fast food takeaways such as MacDonald's.
4. Avoid convenient packaged foods and eat clean, where you can.
5. Always read the labels and be aware of GMO and organic products.

More importantly please spread the word so we can stop these monsters from poisoning our foods.