Festive Guidance

Festive Guidance

The parties have begun and it is that time of year...

The parties have begun and it is that time of year you are most likely going to indulge in plenty of food and drink. The Christmas and New Year period is a challenging time, to say the least, to keeping a healthy lifestyle and holding your weight at a comfortable, stable condition. We are under the impression that the frivolities are only once a year, right? So why not enjoy ourselves and worry about it after the festive season? Well, yes, but then do you suffer the consequences of not being able to comfortably fit into your clothes for the first few months of the year? Did you know that the average intake for a Christmas dinner is 3500 calorie (with all the trimmings, without alcohol). However, do not fear, there are ways in which you can minimise those party pounds piling on and put a stop to that overindulgent voice at the back of your head saying, ’go on, it’s Christmas, treat yourself’! Here are a few tips:

1) Wear something slinky. Wearing tight clothing, belt or trousers will make you aware of your figure, and your expanding waistline, therefore putting a stop to the uncomfortable feelings of possible overeating.

2) Three small bites. If dessert is just too tempting and that cake is something you just can not refuse, get into a habit of just nibbling two or three bites only. You could share it with friends. This way you get your cake and eat it and not your just desserts!

3) Destroy the evidence. After your three bites, either throw it directly in the bin or pour washing up liquid on it so you are not tempted to finish it off later.

4) Beware of liquid calories. Stick with clear sprits, clear mixers and wine as some sugary cocktails can add up to as much as 400 calories. This will definitely pile on the weight! The most important thing to remember is to ensure you eat when drinking alcohol as the more sugar (in alcohol) that hits your blood stream, the more naughty food you are going to want to eat later when the sugar crashes. If you’re drinking at home, remember once you hit the third glass of alcohol, that is when you start to get the munchies and possibly eat something you wouldn’t normally, so stick to one or two. Try to be aware of your limits.

5) Eat before you go out. If you fill your plate with a quarter of good quality protein, a quarter with complex carbohydrates, and half with vegetables or salad you will not only feel satisfied but you will line your stomach for any alcohol that it could possibly encounter. If when the tray of nibbles appear, you will be less likely to indulge.

6) Have a glass of water. Having a large glass of water before a meal will give you a fuller feeling before you eat. However I wouldn’t recommend this if you have any issues with digestion as it may dilute your digestion juices, causing uncomfortable gas. My suggestion would be to try this on a night when you are not going out.

7) Green is go. Choosing a small plate and filling it up with plenty of salad or vegetables first, before choosing what you want will leave less room to pile on the carbs and fatty foods.

8) Eat small. Go for very small bites and chew until the food is liquid. If you are chatting at a party, you will want to take small amounts as you will be forced to swallow food quickly to answer somebody. Your food takes a minimum of 20 minutes to hit your stomach and the feeling of satiety (fullness) to kick in, therefore eating more slowly will halt you from overeating.