Garlic-one of lifes little miracles

Garlic-one of lifes little miracles

The remarkable properties of garlic or Allium sativum...

Garlic-one of life’ss little miracles

The remarkable properties of garlic or Allium sativum have been cited by ancient physicians such as Hippocrates and Aristotle, and history books have been documenting records of garlic remedies for over 5000 years. Recently, scientific research has come to understand some truth behind many of these ancient beliefs. It has been reported to increase longevity, physical strength, fatigue, heart health and respiratory problems. The antimicrobial activity of allicin in garlic offers protection against bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. Research into the effects of taking a garlic supplement during the winter months indicates that it not only helps to prevent an attack by the common cold virus but it also promotes a speedy recovery.

Making the most of your garlic

To release garlics bioactive ingredients you need to crush or chop it up, which stimulates an enzyme called Alliinase to convert the phytochemical allicin into the active allicin. Leaving it to stand for at least 10 minutes before cooking allows time for this activation. Eating raw or freshly crushed garlic is healthier as prolonged heating makes it less powerful medicinally. Try mixing it with Olive oil and balsamic vinegar and drizzle it over salad and vegetables, or making a lovely dressing for grilled, baked or panfried fish by chopping garlic and mixing it with Olive oil, lots of chopped parsley, and a little salt and pepper.
While you are wrestling up your favourite garlic infused meal, you are also wholeheartedly supporting your immune system. One or two garlic cloves per day will give you that boost you need. However if you really can’t stand the smell or taste, take one 300 mg dried garlic powder tablet 2 to 3 times per day.
Let’s keep fighting those germs naturally!